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Monthly Measure [C-0066]

  • Monthly Measure is both a monthly universal calendar and a ruler

  • The star can be positioned on the notched top border, to show the day of the month and the date. By rolling the star, you can easily change the date

  • The dates are placed every centimeter and Monthly Measure can also be used as a metric ruler

  • Base made of solid beech wood, star made of metal

  • Dimensions: Base: 32cm x 1.5cm x 3cm, Star: 2.7cm x 1.5cm

Nest Lamp [C-0067]

  • A lighting nest built on a thin and slightly flexible branch makes a lamp for the bedside table or the desk

  • Made of painted metal wire

  • Rod and base made of steel. Exclusively for indoor use

  • This item is not appropriate for children

  • Dimensions: H 52cm LED lighting system. Life span: 100000 hours

  • Lighting low tension 12V. Transformer 220V-12V. Cable of 2,50m

Normal power bank [C-0003]

  • Cell type: Lithium polymer

  • Capacity: 8600mAh

  • Input: 5V 1A

  • Output: USB1 5V 1A

  • Fit for: iPhone, iPod, PDAs, cell phones, MP3 players, and all USB interface charging equipments.

  • With logo printing

Office Air Purifier [C-0010]

  • Remove smoke & kill viruses

  • Eliminate unpleasant odors

  • Remove formaldehyde and benzene

  • For offices, hotels and homes

  • With one color logo printing

Ozone Air Purifier [C-0009]

  • Can eliminate bad stale odors effectively, can keep food and fruit fresh and sterilize the surrounding

  • With one color logo printing

Pencil Display [C-0071]

  • The Pencil display brings together and displays at a single glance all the writing and drawing materials of both adults and children

  • The Pencil display occupies a minimum of space, and can hold up to 100 pencils

  • Flipped horizontally: pencils and pens are in an organized array, making it very easy to choose the one you want

  • Hanging on the wall vertically, the Pencil display is a storage compartment both convenient and secure

  • Perforation on the back for wall mounting

  • Made of painted metal, Switch bolts in nylon. Pencils not included

  • Dimensions: H 26cm x W 20cm x D 11cm

Pencil Holder [C-0073]

  • Hiding to better reveal: the irreproachable sobriety of a polished mirror metal tube which, with a simple move, reveals a spectacular bouquet of pencils and pens

  • Once the rod is released, they push back and disappear smoothly at the bottom of the pot

  • Size: Height 22.5cm – Diameter 7.5cm

Portable power bank [C-0000]

  • Battery: 2200mah li-ion battery

  • Input : 5V 1000mA

  • Self charging time: 2-3 hours

  • Output: 5V 2100mA

  • Fit for: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mobile phones, Digital Camera, MP3, MP4, PSP, NDS etc.Compatible with all USB interface charging equipments.

  • With full customized printing

Portfolio [C-0070]

  • A long and thick paper accordion, nclosed between two plates of solid oak held by a thick rubber band

  • Portfolio is a photo album, a book for drawing and a herbarium, to display on a rack or a desk. Front: 14 pages – back: 12 pages. 21 x 21 cm – Total surface of paper: 1m x 1m

  • Hand made in France, from solid oak, Paper (300 gr) and rubber

Poster Ladder [C-0068]

  • An example of perfect balance and economical materials, the Poster Ladder is made with ten rods of connected walnut and two resistant threads

  • It creates a framework which can simultaneously support

  • 2 posters of A2 format (50cm x 65cm), 3 drawings of A4 format, and 3 pictures or postcards

  • The Poster Ladder is mounted against the wall or on the ceiling to close a space (like a trellis) using only two nails

  • Pictures easily interchangeable

  • Made of walnut, thread, and movable o-rings in elastomer

  • Dimensions: H 203cm x W 55cm

Pro USB key chain with double side USB connector [C-0015]

  • Power charging for iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, blackberry, other google Android phones, smart watches and mobile game controllers etc.

  • Data transfer between mobile phones, digital cameras, media players, ebooks and PC/Laptops

  • A-grade UDP flash drivers (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof) max. 32 GB

  • Available in black and white

  • Crystal gift box

Rotating Calender [C-0060]

  • Rotate cirumcircles of the rotating calendar to stay informed

  • Wall calendar requires physical interaction on part of the user to keep informed about each passing day and month

  • Featuring a white melamine surface, laser cut from MDF sheet, the perpetual calendar integrates different rings, which need to be rotated to reflect the correct date, day and month on the wall

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